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In Lake Stewardship Plan  (located on the sidebar) you will find the latest drafts including those of the Water Levels and Flow , Environment and History Summary chapters. Do send your comments/suggestions to the address given there. Your input in formulating this plan is very important.

The Water Level and Flow Management Options document referred to at the AGM is posted in Lake Steward Notes (located on the sidebar). It can be accessed directly by clicking Options. Let the Lake Steward know how you think this should be handled. Do you prefer one of the options given or do you wish to present another?  Also in this section are the results from the RVCA sampling together with comments on their interpretation. When you have located the page on the sidebar, scroll down to water testing subheading and click on the document you wish to read.

The AGM 2017 Draft Minutes have been posted; the Lake Steward and Treasurer Reports appear separately. All, together with a pie chart representation of the Treasure’s analysis  of 8 year expenses, can be found in About Us ( located on the header). Scroll down to the AGM Minutes section.

Coming up events…. .  Lanark County Public Works Committee is on Wednesday,  October 25th   at the Admin Building, 99 Christie Lake Rd, following after the Council meeting which starts at 5 pm.  The Agenda is now posted on the County site . There is a list of delegations and presentations, predominately pro spraying, some of which are included in an appendix, and an item regarding budget for 2018 spraying. ***  If you are concerned about this issue,do contact Tay Valley Reeve, Keith Kerr (613-812-8112) ,kmkk@ripnet.com, and Deputy Reeve, Brian Campbell (613-267-4754),bfcampbell.tayvalley@gmail.com, who sit on the Committee. Also do consider informing others and possibly attending the meeting.  Questions from the floor are not allowed so ask your councillors to put forward your questions and concerns.***

At the Lake.    After pressing on the header tab with this label and scrolling down to TIPS there is a new posting from the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark Health Unit with information on West Nile virus and recommendations to protect property owners. This joins the  most informative material from the Unit on Ticks and Lyme Disease. Another recent addition, Saving trees, gives suggestions for protecting them from harvesting beavers. Also in this section is much information on wild parsnip including pictures and how to protect yourself when working to control the plant.  There are also some tips on closing the cottage.

 Another Invasive Plant Species

Lanark County has issued a Media Release, Public Urged To Report Japanese Knotweed. For details  click.

Managing your Waterfront Property in a Changing Climate. To download an informative document on this topic  produced by FOCA ( Federation of Cottagers’ Associations) of which we are a member click property.


 The Tay River Subwatershed report is on the RVCA website and can be accessed now. The September/October issue of Around The Rideau can be found here. On September 11, there was an interesting Media Release:  Mississippi and Rideau Staff  meet with Businesses Owners .   They met with  61 Businesses in Westport, Montague, North Grenville and Mississippi Mills  this summer to discuss chemical products that could pose a risk to the drinking water of the four municipalities. Click  for the entire statement.  Dealing with Damaged Shorelines , A  Public Service Announcement, was issued on June 15.  It contains much helpful information including reference to their Shoreline Naturalization Program.   

 Algae-Too Much of a Good thing?  Three suggestions to keep in mind are Good Septic System Maintenance; Increase Plant cover; Reduce Run-off . The Release issue by RVCA on this topic can be found in the Notices from other Groups. It also refers to their Algae & Aquatic Plant Educational Manual.  It is most informative and can be accessed by a link in the Lake Steward Notes  posted together with other material on this topic or by clicking Algae.

Request to Property Owners

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