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 BURN BAN.  On April 12th, Tay Valley Township  announced a ban on all open air burning in the Township until further notice.

 Check the calendar!    Coming up:  Finale of the Festival of the Maples  is on Saturday April 29th in downtown Perth with Antique Car Show, vendors, producers and demonstrations. The Friends of Murphy’s Point present an evening of food, live background music and storytelling on Sunday, April 30th.   And on  May 2nd there is an important meeting  re spraying at the TVT Council Chamber and on May 6th, there is the ABC Hall’s Spring Fashion Fling Fundraiser. For details of all see the calendar.  

 Imminent events are listed at the bottom of this page and the entire calendar can be seen by clicking on the button there or by going on the sidebar. If you know of an event that you would like posted, please contact webmaster

Spraying update

There was an overflow crowd at the McMartin House  to hear Dr Vicki Wojcik and Dr Meg Sears share their concerns as professionals about the dangers of spraying with the chemicals planned by Lanark County and to inform about the more effective ways of control without using them.   It was an excellent educational event. An editorial in one of the area newspapers can be found on http://www.hometownnews.ca/scientists-warn-pesticide-peril-perth-meeting. 

The County has developed a modified Adopt-a-Road. The details of the program, its Terms & Conditions , Agreement Form and Press Release  can be found here.  The County plans to spray all other roads.  Moreover, the councillors  voted on April 12 to deny all citizens the option of requesting “No Spray’ signs. Then on April 26 the staff presented  the process by which citizens may request that  there  be no spraying on their property abutting a County road. It is not going to be easy for citizens.  Details will be in the minutes which have not yet been posted on the County site. When they have been, a link will be provided here.

The community response to the petitions against spraying has been great –  a total of 895 signatures on both petitions in less than 3 weeks!  The petitions are still active.  More information on the petitions as well as other matters, including a letter to the Council from the Beekeepers Association expressing their concern, can be found on the Friends  website.

As you know Tay Valley will not be spraying their roads but the Lanark County roads which traverse the Township will be sprayed. Anyone wishing to join those citizens requesting Tay Valley to challenge this, is encouraged to go to the Tay Valley meeting in the Council Chamber, 217 Harper Road, Tuesday May 2 at 7 p.m.

 The latest RVCA Water Conditions Statement, Flood Waters may return on Lower Parts of Ottawa River Watershed, was issued on  April 28th. It is also noted that Bobs and Christie Lakes continue to have high water levels. Two other Releases were issued at the end of March: The Strategic Plan   and The Annual Report.    2016 water quality results (data and some comments on them) from the samplings on our lakes conducted by RVCA, are to be found in the Lake Steward Notes by clicking that “button” on the sidebar.

A new page on the sidebar has been established: Lake Networking Group The notes from the September meeting attended by our Vice-President are posted. Many of us have questions regarding the role of OPP and this meeting addressed many topics of interest and concern to residents and cottagers.

Ticks & Lyme Disease – answering many questions.    For information from the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit press the At The Lake tab across the top  and then Tips section on the drop- down menu.  What to wear; how to protect yourself and family; how to recognize ticks and what to do if you find a tick are answered.

 Algae-Too Much of a Good thing?  Three suggestions to keep in mind are Good Septic System Maintenance; Increase Plant cover; Reduce Run-off . The Release issue by RVCA on this topic can be found in the Notices from other Groups. It also refers to their Algae & Aquatic Plant Educational Manual.  It is most informative and can be accessed by a link in the Lake Steward Notes  posted together with other material on this topic or by clicking Algae.

Details of the RVCA Shoreline Naturalization Program can be found on their website by clicking on shoreline or by contacting Meaghan.mcdonald@rvca.ca. 

Request to Property Owners

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