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LandOwner Resource Centre
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The Program Offers

  • Subsidized prices for native shoreline plants
  • Complimentary on-site visits with qualified staff that provide simple, cost-effective advice on “how to” protect your shoreline
  • Project planning and support including:
    – development of shoreline planting plans and species lists
    – ordering, shipping and handling of plants and tending materials
    – planting advice and/or assistance-- full project management from start to finish
  • Shoreline naturalization workshops, talks and project assistance for community or lake groups


  • Waterfront property owners along wetlands, streams, rivers and lakes within the Rideau Watershed with the commitment to maintain a healthy, vegetated shoreline
  • Lake associations, river groups or other not-for-profit groups within the Rideau Watershed interested in completing shoreline demonstration sites, community plant handout days, or other shoreline stewardship projects

Shoreline Naturalization Resources  

Working Around Water? Click here to check if you will need a permit.

Special Projects


The Shoreline Naturalization Program works closely with many volunteer groups to restore shoreline areas including Scouts, High Schools and corporate groups.

Individuals interested in helping plant can register through the City Stream Watch Program.

Other Resources and Links


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