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*** On August 23, TVT announced that  the Burn Ban is now off. As some areas of the Township are dry,  people are asked to exercise caution***

*** On August 15, RVCA announced that as warm, dry weather conditions continue, the threshold for Minor Low Water Conditions is now met in the Rideau Valley Watershed. Residents and businesses are encouraged to conserve water. ***

  Coming up Events

 Maberly Fair is on August 24  and Public Information Centre, Bolingbroke Bridge Project, is on August 26.  See Calendar of Community Events for details.

  Some new postings

Some links re algae (including one on how to spot blue-green and if you do, what to do)  have been added to Environmental. Also one re weeds.

Minutes of Directors August 17, 2019 meeting can be found by clicking on the sidebar.

Minutes of AGM 2019 (July 13) are posted in the About Us  on the header.  

There are some new items in the Classified .

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

On the above is information on matters of interest/concern as well as details of the changes in this year’s Shoreline Naturalization Program which make it easier for property owners to participate as the advice and plantings are free!

Tay Valley Township

For  information on general matters as well as those of particular interest to our Association. 

Our Councillor, Rob Rainer, issues a personal newsletter which he emails to a list of interested people every Sunday.  To receive this, contact him rrainer.tayvalley@gmail.com.

Climate Change

For informative documents of interest to waterfront property owners.  Also there is a Health Canada presentation on preparing for climate and health emergencies and disasters. 


   LSRLPOA membership dues can now be made by Interac-e -Transfer

                                 For details please see Membership


Spraying Information

Including material from the Friends of Lanark County (FOLC).

Friends of Bolingbroke Road Adopt-A-Road Group

 2019 Season Report

The County has finished mowing along both sides of our section of Bolingbroke Road and volunteers  have been pulling plants that subsequently appear as well as some of those thriving  beyond the mowed area.  Garbage has been picked up also.   Many thanks to the volunteers  who have been working away in the particularly miserable conditions (temperature, humidity and flies) this year.  We cannot eradicate the parsnips but we can reduce their numbers so that the County will not spray. And this was done!

Below are some pictures taken at the end of last August. We’ll see if we can add to them this year!

After three years of no spraying, the flowers are returning on our section of CR 36.  Do you see the bee?


Lyme Disease Information

Including LymeHope, a Canadian not-for-profit dedicated to research and outreach.

Good news from CHIR :  An initiative is being lead to build a network facilitating collaboration, resource and knowledge sharing and building research capacity.