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      Effective April 23rd there will be absolutely no burning until further notice


 On April 24th RVCA  issued a Flood Outlook: water levels are expected to rise again in the Rideau River Watershed.  The levels of Bobs & Christie lakes are being monitored closely by Parks Canada staff.


Coming events……

On May 5th is the ABC Hall Spring Fling Fashion Show, on May 11th an informative meeting Be Bear Wise with a speaker from MNRF and  on June 2nd Lobsterfest at ABC Hall.  Posters and details are in the Calendar of Community Events on the sidebar.

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The Christie Lake Association  winter newsletter is available on their website and at spotlight@christielakeassociation.com 

April 14th Board Minutes are available.

In At The Lake see a Tip on How to Survive when Falling through the Ice.

In the RVCA section below  click on the link for the latest Around the Rideau newsletter which contains much information on assessing personal emergency planning for flood control as well as the role of municipalities and RVCA.    Waterconditions Statements regarding unstable conditions can be found on the authority website www.rvca.ca.

Postings  on pages accessed from the sidebar

 In Lake Steward Notes –   a miscellany of material on various related topics.  A recent posting at the top is a paper,” Hypoxia and turnover in a small ice-covered temperate lake”.(This lake is familiar to many visitors to this site).  Scrolling down the page will take you to the Water Testing subsection. Here  are the locations and  results from  RVCA  samplings together with comments on their interpretation as well as a most informative  document  on interpretation generally by Gray Merriam. Members may also find the references in the Algae subsection of interest.

The Classified section has been expanded and now includes Queries  together with Sales & Services.

Postings accessed from the header

In At the Lake – after scrolling down to TIPS there is a new posting from the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark Health Unit with information on West Nile virus and recommendations to protect property owners.  This joins their most informative material on Ticks and Lyme Disease.  ( *there is an update below on the work of the LymeHope group, a citizens’ group concerned about this topic, including a future meeting).

Another recent addition is Saving Trees which gives suggestions for protecting them from harvesting beavers. Also there are some timely tips from various authorities on closing the cottage.

 In the About Us – The AGM 2017 Draft Minutes have been posted; the Lake Steward and Treasurer Reports appear separately as does a pie chart  representation of the Treasurer’s analysis  of 8 year expenses.


At the Lanark County Public Works Committee meeting on October 25, members voted to approve funding for spraying in 2018, despite deputations and correspondence to the councillors urging caution .  The minutes  which have the presentations as attachments are posted  on the Lanark County site.On November 15th  the Council supported the ongoing implementation of the Vegetation Management Plan as reported on by the staff at the Public Works meeting. Information will be forwarded to the local municipalities for inclusion in the spring tax bill inserts to communicate details of the 2018 roadside spraying program.

It’s good to see the sign  posted by the County indicating the adoption of a section of Bolingbroke Road  ( from the railway bridge to Highway #7) by The “Friends of Bolingbroke Road”.  Many thanks are due to those who participated in the wild parsnip pulling.   As more information becomes available regarding 2018, it will be posted here.

Update…. from Concerned Citizens about Lyme Disease 

This group has been instrumental in the planning of a non-partisan initiative for federal MP’s  to raise their awareness of the seriousness of this disease. This educational event on May 7th  is for federal MP’s only and concerned citizens are asked to encourage their elected representatives to attend. As you probably know, the incidence in our high is very high.  The website www.lymehope.ca has all the information as well as a report of their meeting  with the former Health Minister, Jane Philpott &  the Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, and correspondence  with current Minister Petitpas-Taylor.

Miscellaneous items

 Conservation Ontario, on December 12, issued a Media Release,The New Conservation Authorities Act will help Build Stronger Environment. Click here for more details of this important Act.

Lanark County has issued a Media Release, Public Urged To Report Japanese Knotweed. For details  click.

Managing your Waterfront Property in a Changing Climate. To download an informative document on this topic  produced by FOCA ( Federation of Cottagers’ Associations) of which we are a member click property. For information on the various member resources and benefits check out the website Click here


 The Tay River Subwatershed report is on the RVCA website and can be accessed now. The latest issue of Around The Rideau can be found here.  A  Media Release,  Mississippi and Rideau Staff  meet with Businesses Owners,  noted that they met with  61 Businesses in Westport, Montague, North Grenville and Mississippi Mills  this summer to discuss chemical products that could pose a risk to the drinking water of the four municipalities. Click  for the entire statement. 

Their Shoreline Naturalization Program which is familiar to many of us has some changes for the 2017/8 year. Of particular interest is that planting projects will be offered free of charge. There is also a list of availability of plantings.  A publication, Solutions for Shoreline Erosion, A Basic Guide to Bioengineering,  which can be downloaded, provides many ideas and also lists authorities for approvals.  More good news is that grants through the Rideau Rural Clean Water program are available to cottage owners, in addition to  farmers. Listed are eligible projects and the percentage of costs covered up to a certain maximum. Of particular interest might be Sewage System repair and Erosion Control- Shoreline.

 Algae-Too Much of a Good thing?  Three suggestions to keep in mind are Good Septic System Maintenance; Increase Plant cover; Reduce Run-off . There is comprehensive  information contained in the The Algae & Aquatic Plant Educational Manua .Many questions are answered about plants especially toxicity.and there is a link to the rules and regulations for plant removal.