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      Nature Notes  articles  are on the Environmental page. Minutes of Directors meeting on June 29 are posted.  For the Township fillable  Climate Change survey see the section below.

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

On the above is information on matters of interest/concern as well as details of the changes in this year’s Shoreline Naturalization Program which make it easier for property owners to participate as the advice and plantings are free!

Tay Valley Township

For  information on general matters as well as those of particular interest to our Association. 

Our Councillor, Rob Rainer, issues a personal newsletter which he emails to a list of interested people every Sunday.  To receive this, contact him rrainer.tayvalley@gmail.com.

Climate Change

For informative documents of interest to waterfront property owners including a presentation on the health effects of climate change. There is a link to the fillable form survey which the Township hopes residents will complete – it is due at the end of July.


   LSRLPOA membership dues can now be made by Interac-e -Transfer

                                 For details please see Membership

In order to vote and run for election at the AGM in July,  members need to be in”good standing”  


 Good news in the FOCA May 2019 Elert!  The Lake Partner Program will be in full operation for 2019 – thanks were given to all Associations and individuals who contacted the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) and the Premier.  More information

The Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF) has announced production of an educational video series on forest stewardship. For links, including one to the summary, see the Home Page of their website


  – General

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) announced that the use of two neonicotinoids-thiamethoxam and clothianidin- will be phased out in Canada over 3-5 years due to concerns about their effects on aquatic invertibrates. 

Good news from the EU:  Now there is a total ban on bee-killing pesticides in all 28 EU countries thanks to the efforts over 7 years of the Avaaz group www.avaaz.org 

 The Friends of Lanark County (FOLC) have produced “ Ten lessons learned from the Adopt -A -Road program”.  See this excellent presentation. For a presentation by Dr James Coupland  on” Managing Roadside Habitats to Conserve Plant and Insect Diversity” and more on his work in developing sustainable solutions see .  A Press Release from Lanark County about Council approval of the Vegetation Management Action Plan 2019 can be found in the News & Public Notices section of the Tay Valley Township website.      

A Release  by the Friends of Lanark County (FOLC) which includes some pictures of the effects of the County spraying last year see here.

    – Friends of Bolingbroke Road Adopt-A-Road Group

Plans for 2019

Pulling will be starting in July.It is essential that the plants are pulled before the flowers go to seed and hundreds of them are dispersed.Volunteers are essential to the success of this project.  As last year, we are hoping to “assign” a section of the road to specific volunteers who will keep an eye of this for the season.  However, if this is not manageable, assisting for even a few hours would be welcomed.  Eileen would be very happy to hear from anyone wanting to help or wishing to have more information before volunteering.


After three years of no spraying, the flowers are returning on our section of CR 36.       Here are some pictures taken at the end of August. Do you see the bee?


 Many thanks to the volunteers who spent many hours pulling wild parsnips.                     

UPDATE…… from Concerned Citizens about Lyme Disease 

This group has been instrumental in the planning of a non-partisan initiative for federal MP’s  to raise their awareness of the seriousness of this disease.  As you probably know, the incidence in our area is very high. ( Many people in our Association have been affected).  The website www.lymehope.ca has much information; there is also an option of subscribing to a newsletter. This group has announced that Canada Public Health Agency now has a link  on their website to guidelines developed by the International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society for diagnosis and treatment.

Of interest is the recent exchange in the Provincial Legislature between Health Minister Christine Elliot and MPP Randy Hillier on behalf of a constituent family’s considerable difficulty obtaining medical care for their son within the Ontario system.