About Us

Below are five sections:

Some History

The Association was started in 1973 by a few concerned and farsighted owners on Silvery Lane. The state of the road, especially in the Winter and Springtime, was of concern. Although owned by the developer, the responsibility for its upkeep had been passed to the residents. In addition, the developer had plans for massive expansion on both lakes “which would result in the over- development and degradation of the pleasant, quiet environment”, said Ken Jackson, the first president, in a letter outlining activities of the Association

There has been considerable activity by the Association in presenting the position of the residents in various planning/development issues, including appearing before the OMB. Between 1985 & 1990, the Association provided liaison with Lanark County regarding spraying for the Gypsy Moth infestation.

The Little Silver Lake Property Owners Association was incorporated in 1982 and in 2004 the name was changed to include Rainbow Lake property owners.

Welcome letter from the President of the Lake Association

It is my pleasure, as the President of the Little Silver & Rainbow Lakes Property Owners Association, to welcome you as a property owner. The association developed this website to serve your community needs. We hope that you will find the information useful

With its constitution originally adopted on June 29, 1975 and amended eleven times over the years, the association’s objectives are:

a) To promote and protect the interests, rights and privileges of the owners of property bordering on Little Silver Lake, Rainbow Lake, Little Silver Lake Road, Silvery Lane and Rainbow Lane in the County of Lanark,
b) To preserve the pleasant, sanitary environment and scenic beauty of the vicinity,
c) To carry on and encourage activities for the protection and betterment of the community.

The board of the association is made up of nine to twelve directors who are members in good standing: a President, Vice-President, Past President, Secretary-Treasurer (or a Secretary and a Treasurer), Lake Steward and six area representatives, two from each access road.

Sharing information is very important to us.   The best way for you to learn about matters of interest is by visiting this website.  In addition, we produce bulletins and newsletters which are distributed via email.

We encourage you to become a member of our association. Dues are $15 per year and need to be paid by May 31st to be of good standing for the subsequent Annual General Meeting held on the second weekend in July in the Maberly Community Hall. Do you like to volunteer? We sure like to hear that! Please let any of the Board members know that you would like to volunteer your time and services to the association, we can sure use the help! Membership in the Little Silver & Rainbow Lakes Property Owners Association is not compulsory, but we do hope that you will join us.

If you have any questions about the association, please do not hesitate to contact the president or your local area representative.


Click HERE to view the Constitution.