In the Lake Steward Notes section on the sidebar, there is an informative article which includes a checklist to follow before launching any watercraft.

Lake Etiquette

At the Annual General Meeting of the Association in 1998, members added to the constitution a unanimous agreement ” that the intention of all members [is] to keep the environment of the Lake as close as possible to its natural state with minimum disruption by high powered boats”.

It should be noted that in the Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations, Little Silver Lake is addressed under Schedule 6, Part 2, Kingston-Cornwall area #5: Waters on which power-driven vessels and vessels driven by electrical propulsion are subject to a speed limit. The speed limit is 10 kph on the south arm of LSL. The entire entry in the Regulations can be found here ; this takes you to Schedule 6  and on scrolling  down to Part 2 you’ll find the actual reference in the Kingston-Cornwall Area.

The OPP requests that  vessels in non-compliance be reported to them using the 24 hrs line 1-888-310-1122 with as much information as possible, including the  registration #.

Watching Your Wake

The Pike Lake Community Association has prepared a paper on this topic which they have shared with others. To view this see PLCA paper

                               From the Canadian Red Cross

Boating Safety

Here are five ways you can reduce risk when you are boating:
– Buckle up! Lifejackets and PFDs – Wear your approved personal flotation device (PFD).
– Drive Sober! Alcohol Awareness – Alcohol and boating do not mix.
– Look first! Weather conditions – Pay attention to what is happening around you and always operate at a safe speed.
– Wear the Gear! Safety Equipment Requirements – Make sure you have all the recommended safety equipment on board your boat.
– Get Trained! – Training gives you the knowledge to make smart choices when boating.

Transport Canada

You can purchase or download the Safe Boating Guide 2009.

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