Climate Change

Lanark County has developed a survey to gather opinions on single use plastics usage. Participation is encouraged.

“Human Influence has intensified extreme precipitation in North America”. A research scientist from Environment and Climate Change Canada is the lead author of this article published June 2 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“ Climate Pollution: Reducing My Footprint. Backgrounder” from Environmental Commission of Ontario

“The Climate Change Crisis explained in 10 charts” from The Guardian can be found here

How ‘organized climate change denial’ shapes public opinion on global warming from CBC news. See

Health Canada Presentation on preparing for climate & health emergencies and disasters.

Managing your Waterfront Property in a Changing Climate. To download an informative document on this topic produced by FOCA ( Federation of Cottagers’ Associations) of which we are a member,  click property. For information on the various member resources and benefits check out the website Click here

Planning for Climate Change.  An informative document can be found on the Muskoka  Watershed website

Our Councillor Rob Rainer is a member of the Tay Valley Green Energy and Climate Change Working Group. He has an informative item,with many links, pointing out the urgency of Climate Change in his weekly report of September 8. To be on his mailing list contact

The 2 following sites will be of interest to those thinking about electric vehicles Plug.