Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

RVCA has issued the Christie Lake Catchment  Report which contains Little Silver and Rainbow information. It is available online

Conservation Authorities  affected seriously by the Ontario Budget

Details on how it could affect us in the  “Latest News”  box here

Articles outlining some of the implications of the proposals can be found by scrolling to “Statement on Bill 108” on Ontario Nature website

Also in Toronto Star  GTA section “Sweeping Changes…” by Kate Allen


A Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) Media Release has informed about a Conservation Ontario video which provides an overview of drinking water protection in Ontario.


RVCA reminds shoreline landowners of  a project of possible interest: The Shoreline Naturalization Program. For 2019, funding has been found for tree and bush planting so that their advice and planning services as well as plantings, are free. There is a list of available plantings. For details contact the Planning and Shoreline Stewardship Coordinator, Meaghan McDonald .

All residents are encouraged to conserve water at all times but should be particularly conservative when low water conditions occur. Some related websites:

Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change https://www.ontario.ca/page/managing-your-water-well-times-water-shortage

Ontario Low Water Response Program https://www.ontario.ca/page/low-water-response-program

Hourly and Daily Streamflows and Water levels  https://www.rvca.ca/watershed-monitoring-reporting/reporting/streamflow-water-levels

A recent announcement from RVCA concerns forestry planting. They have funding available and professional assistance regarding appropriate trees for property owners who wish to plant trees on marginal land ( 1 acre or more). For more information , contact Scott Danford,, Forestry Program Manager.

 The Tay River Subwatershed report is on the RVCA website and can be accessed now

A publication, Solutions for Shoreline Erosion, A Basic Guide to Bioengineering,  which can be downloaded, provides many ideas and also lists authorities for approvals.  More good news is that grants through the Rideau Rural Clean Water program are available to cottage owners, in addition to  farmers. Listed are eligible projects and the percentage of costs covered up to a certain maximum. Of particular interest might be Sewage System repair and Erosion Control- Shoreline.

Algae-Too Much of a Good thing?  Three suggestions to keep in mind are Good Septic System Maintenance; Increase Plant cover; Reduce Run-off . There is comprehensive  information contained in the The Algae & Aquatic Plant Educational Manual  .Many questions are answered about plants especially toxicity and there is a link to the rules and regulations for plant removal.