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  Family canoe

       Do you have one you no longer use?   We are looking to purchase a second hand canoe for our family.   If you wish to sell one, please contact



Vacant lots for Sale

Two waterfront lots on southern shore of Rainbow Lake:   Plan 29

                          Lot 13 (10 acres) and Lot 14 (12 acres)

                             Please contact Dan at 613-723-7924.



   a.  Offered by Lake residents

        – Indoor/Outdoor Painting

        – Landscaping, Road leveling & repairs

        – General Carpentry/Plumbing

         – Cottage opening/closing

         – Snow Removal

         -Minor repairs, tuneups & carb cleanings.  Chainsaws, lawn & garden  

          equipment, boat motors, ATV’s etc

Hourly rate + parts.

          Can also pick up any unwanted equipment.

Contact: Mike Moriarty


      b. Community people known to Lake Residents

 Please note that LSRLPOA has no responsibility for the listings below. Also  those listed have paid no fee. Property owners who wish to include the name of someone who has worked for them (eg Appliances repair), contact webmaster.

               Perth Veterinary Clinic            613-267-7373; 613-267-2166




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