Nature Notes  by Alison Bentley, Rainbow Lane

July 2019

Publications available

The Association makes available to each property owner a copy of the booklet “A Shoreline Owner’s Guide To Healthy Waterfronts”. This excellent publication provides background information and advice on ways to make the most of your shoreline property while living in balance with the lake’s fragile ecosystem. This is now included in the Helpful Handbook. Contact your Area Representative if you do not have a copy. It can also be accessed online by clicking on A Shoreline Owner’s Guide.

Here are two other publications with pertinent information for property owners:

Living By Water and RVCA’s Shoreline Naturalization Program

A most informative pamphlet, “Who to Call”, produced by RVCA  is useful when doing projects around the cottage, see Checklist.

There are a lot of environmental concerns that are specific to waterfront living. See below for a list of websites for additional resources, information on household products and links to Management/Stewardship Plans of neighbouring Lake Associations.


Organization Link
Rideau Valley Conservation Authority www.rvca.ca
Mississippi Valley Conservation www.mvc.on.ca
Friends of the Tay Watershed www.tayriver.org
Ontario – MNR www.mnr.gov.on.ca
Environment Canada www.ec.gc.ca
Invading Species www.invadingspecies.com
Centre for Sustainable Watersheds www.watersheds.ca
Ontario – MotE – Lake Partner Program Lake Partner Program
Ontario – MNR – Biodiversity www.ontario.ca/biodiversity
Ontario Land Trust Alliance www.olta.ca
Eastern Ontario Model Forest  
A2A www.a2alink.org
ecoPerth www.ecoperth.on.ca
Lanark Local Flavour www.lanarklocalflavour.ca
Rideau Valley Field Naturalists www.rvfn.ca
Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists mvfn.ca
Well Aware www.wellaware.ca
Ministry of Housing – Ontario Building Code A Guide to Operating & Maintaining Your Septic System
LandOwner Resource Centre www.lrconline.com
Guide to Less Toxic Products www.lesstoxicguide.ca
Beaver Baffler – MNR Beaver Baffler
Health Canada – Hazardchecheck Hazard Check
Green Communities Canada www.greencommunitiescanada.org


Organization Link
Nature Clean www.naturecleanliving.com
Biosource Solutions www.biosourcesolutions.com
Eco Ethic www.ecoethic.ca
Eco Max www.eco-max.ca

Lake Stewardship Plans of some Neighbouring Lake Associations.

Bobs and Crow Lakes

Buck Lake

Canonto Lake

Christie Lake

 Farren Lake

Fourteen Island and Mink

Mississippi Lake

Otter Lake

Otty Lake

Pike Lake

Wolfe and Green Lakes