Lake Stewardship Plan

January 23, 2019. 

TVT Planner, Noelle Reeve, informed the Association that our plan will be considered as part of her Planning Review of development applications. She has had discussions with TVT Clerk and the Planner at the County of Lanark who approves Official Plan Amendments (OPA) and they both feel that section Watershed and Subwatershed Plans allows the Township and the Planner to consider the Little Silver and Rainbow Lakes Plan without an OPA. When the Township next updates the Official Plan in 2021, our plan will be added to Appendix A.

LSP October 2018          Submitted to TVT for inclusion in the Official Plan

LSP Final – 4June2018    This will be brought to the AGM on July 7th.  ( subsequently approved unanimously)

LSP Draft 5 – 10 May2018

LSP Draft 12 February 2018 A

Environment 9November2017

Development 30October2017

Provisional Outline

History Summary

Respect and Safe Recreation revised.2

Environment July 4 draft

Water levels and Flow June 26 Draft


LSP DRAFT – Vision Statement 02April2017 (2)
 LSP DRAFT – Little Silver Lake History 02April2017 Outline (2)

LSP DRAFT-Environment 02April2017

LSP -Respect and Safe Recreation Draft Feb 2017

LSP DRAFT- WaterFlow 02April 2017 (2)


2016 Survey results