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Media releases, other local newsletters and notices

The Association receives  Media Releases, Water Conditions Statements and bi-monthly newsletters from  RVCA .In future links to current ones will be found on the Home Page and back issues can be found on the Authority’s website 

Similarly for  FOCA newsletters and announcements there will be links on the Home Page to the current ones and more information can be found on that association’s website 


ABC Association

Please note that events and news from this association can now be found directly on their website

Christie Lake Association

Report on TVT-Garbage-proposal

Spring Summer 2017 Newsletter


Maberly Agricultural Society

Please note that newsletters and details of events ( such as the Maberly Fair) can be found directly on their website

Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)

Fishing Regulations – new for 2013

Lanark County

ATV By -Law

Tay Valley Township

Site Plan Control By-Law

OPP Billing proposed model

Official Plan Review

ATV By-Law

RVCA – Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

Media releases, Water  Conditions Statements and the newsletter Around The Rideau will no longer be posted here.  Links to the current ones will be given on the Home Page. Visitors are referred to the RVCA website for detailed listings.


FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations)


FoTW Friends of the Tay Watershed

New Vision Statement July 2013

Rideau Valley Field Naturalists

Perth Butterfly Garden Goes Solar

Stewardship Councils of Eastern Ontario

Poster Bringing Back the Bees

Bringing Back the Bees Workshop Description