Spraying Information 

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) announced that the use of two neonicotinoids-thiamethoxam and clothianidin- will be phased out in Canada over 3-5 years due to concerns about their effects on aquatic invertebrates. 

Good news from the EU:  Now there is a total ban on bee-killing pesticides in all 28 EU countries thanks to the efforts over 7 years of the Avaaz group www.avaaz.org 

 The Friends of Lanark County (FOLC) have produced “ Ten lessons learned from the Adopt -A -Road program”.  See this excellent presentation. For a presentation by Dr James Coupland on” Managing Roadside Habitats to Conserve Plant and Insect Diversity” and more on his work in developing sustainable solutions see.  A Press Release from Lanark County about Council approval of the Vegetation Management Action Plan 2019 can be found in the News & Public Notices section of the Tay Valley Township website.

A Release by the Friends of Lanark County (FOLC) which includes some pictures of the effects of the County spraying last year see here.