Spraying Information 

In the September issue of Bird Studies Canada Research and Conservation News is an article concerning the widespread use of neonicotinoid insecticide.

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) announced that the use of two neonicotinoids-thiamethoxam and clothianidin- will be phased out in Canada over 3-5 years due to concerns about their effects on aquatic invertebrates. 

On www.lanarkcounty.ca , “What’s New” area, can be found information on Gypsy Moth control including spraying. Gypsy Moth Brochure

Good news from the EU:  Now there is a total ban on bee-killing pesticides in all 28 EU countries thanks to the efforts over 7 years of the Avaaz group www.avaaz.org 

 The Friends of Lanark County (FOLC) have produced “ Ten lessons learned from the Adopt -A -Road program”.  See this excellent presentation. For a presentation by Dr James Coupland on” Managing Roadside Habitats to Conserve Plant and Insect Diversity” and more on his work in developing sustainable solutions see.  A Press Release from Lanark County about Council approval of the Vegetation Management Action Plan 2019 can be found in the News & Public Notices section of the Tay Valley Township website.

A Release by the Friends of Lanark County (FOLC) which includes some pictures of the effects of the County spraying last year see here.

Volunteers are needed for the Friends of Bolingbroke Road Adopt A Road. If you wish to assist with this, please contact Sandy at parksfam6@aol.com.