Tay Valley Township

The complete Agenda and information packages and subsequently Minutes for all TVT meetings can be found in the Calendar of Meetings section of the TVT website

On February 14 , TVT Council gave final approval to the Budget. There will be a 3.43% tax levy increase.  A descriptive Media Release can be found on the TVT website.

On June 27, the Township announced that TVT has a Local Climate Change Plan Coordinator, Susan Brandum, who is funded for 7 months by a federal grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. She can be contacted here.

The Hazardous Waste Depot ( HHWD) located at the Middleville Waste Site, 4686 Wolf Grove Road, is now open until Thanksgiving. It is available to all residents of Lanark Highlands and Tay Valley Township (ID required). Hours are Monday 3-6; Wednesday 5-8; Saturday 9-3.


Lake Stewardship Plan

On January 23, the Association was informed by the TVT Planner, Noelle Reeve, that we may tell members that our plan will be considered as part of her Planning Review of development applications.  Good news indeed: The Association views are now part of the process! For details see the LSP page.


Maberly Rogers Cell Tower.

A Media Release of January 24 updated citizens. As a result of citizen concern  (expressed at the 15th meeting ) over health and aesthetics with the proposed location of the Rogers Cell Tower in Maberly, they together with the company, citizens and landowner have worked cooperatively and have found a new location satisfactory to all.  This will be on higher ground, 700m north of the hamlet. As a result, wireless service for local residents, travellers along Highway #7 and emergency services will be greatly improved. A speedy collaboration to the benefit of the community!


On May 13, Tay Valley Township posted“ Effects of Flooding on Various Tree Species and Ways to Mitigate Harm done to them” by Paul Hetzler, ISA  Certified Arborist. Details on 2019 listings page  here